Thursday, June 11, 2009

French Style Wedding Set

This is an invitation I designed for a traditional French inspired wedding.  The strip across the middle of the invitation is a separate paper band that holds the RSVP, menu card and map together at the back of the main invitation card.  This is a very rich colour palette and would tie in nicely with an autumnal flower selection.

Wedding Chocolate Box

Continuing on the wedding theme... I created this colour palette.  I love the tonal blue hues combined with the bright yellow and blue/black.  This would be a very impactful, bold wedding stationary set.

The first piece I have created in this look is a seed box that would be distributed to friends and family as a reminder for the date of the wedding.  The box would contain seeds of the couples favourite flower.  The idea is to send these boxes out a year before the wedding so the seeds can be planted and the blooms enjoyed during the run up to the couple's big day.

The tag line for this stationary set is 100% love, 100% commitment.  This is a bold comment and the stationary needs to reflect this.

Circular Wedding Stationary

I created this Save the Date card and want to work further on the rest of the pieces of wedding stationary for this set.  It is really simple and eye-catching and a limited number of colours in the palette make it really sophisitcated.

I imagine this to be printed on a textured uncoated heavy-weight board.

Business Card

I was pulling colour palettes together and came up with this rich palette.  I thought this would make lovely eye-catching business cards.  These would be especially nice if they were printed in a variety of colour ways, making a statement stationary piece for your office.

Ideas Bulb

This would look great on the front of a notebook.  It is my ideas bulb to keep the design ideas flowing!

Sketchy Style Text

I wanted to process the idea I created in the sketchy handbag designs a little further by exploring the look and feel of hand drawn type within this format.  I love the sharpness of the black on white and the uneven edges of the type.  With the addition of the CMYK circles it has a really graphic feel to it.

Sketchy Style Handbags

This is the first in a series of fashion icons I want to draw in this style.  I am really liking the look of these sketches when they are reduced in size and the colours are kept simple.  It almost has a letterpress feel to it.  Above is a notelet that I designed using the sketch, I imagine this printed on a textured uncoated board to give a hand printed, letterpress style.

Below is a more colourful version of the sketch.  I wanted to produce this as a notebook with different sketches of fashion icons on each page.